BRIF parameters

Chaired by Barbara Parodi (

Participants: Robert Hewitt, Jane Carpenter, Jeanne-Hélène di Donato, Mirella Filocamo, Kirstin Goldring, Liis Leitsalu , Irene Lomba, Lisa Miranda, Maria Angeles Muñoz-Fernández , Christina Schroeder, Mogens Thomsen.

This subgroup will identify all the factors to take into account in the BRIF calculation. Your comments are very welcome herein.

If you wish to actively participate to this subgroup, please inform us by mail at:       



             First 'brainstorming' discussion - 04/18/2011:

Please find the notes and comment herein.

             Brainstorming discussion at ESBB, Marseille - 16/11/2011

-Please find the proposals at

-Find the highlights of the nov 16th, 2011 meeting at:

             Internal survey / 03 fev 2012: importance of various parameters for the BRIF

Please find  the first results of the internal survey on parameters as tables and a draft for the discussion herein:

Your comments are very welcome as posts below or by mail to    cc:

              Online survey / Dec 2013

A questionnaire has been disseminated within the french BIOBANQUES infrastructure and the national biobanks network in Italy. The objective is to identify and weigh relevant parameters to take into account in the future BRIF metrics. The bioresource community implication is essential and we now extend the survey to other bioresources. The point of view from the biobanking community is crucial. Online questionnaire at:
(questionnaire overview attached below)