BRIF dissemination

Chaired by Laurence Mabile (

Gabrielle Bertier, Center for Genomic Regulation, SP
Irene Lomba, M. Angeles Munoz, HIV HGM Spanish BioBank, SP

This subgroup will deal with anything related to the BRIF project communication.

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  14th EAHIL (European Association for Health Information and Libraries) Conference “Divided we fall, united we inform – building alliances for a new European cooperation”, 11-13 June, 2014, Rome, IT / poster rewarded (P. De Castro)

  12th EASE (European Association of Science Editors) General Assembly and Conference “The complex world of science editing”, 13-15 June 2014, Split, CR /communication by L. Mabile

  28th European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference, 25-28 June, 2014, Stockholm, SE / poster.          

  The 5th Biennial Meeting of the Human Variome Project, UNESCO, Paris, 20-23 May 2014 / poster

  4ème Réunion Nationale de BIOCAP – Biothèque nationale de cancérologie pédiatrique, Paris, 10 avril 2014, conférence  invitée (L Mabile)




European Human Genetics Conference, 8-11 June 2013, Paris, FR / poster

Seventh International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication, 8-10 September, 2013, Chicago, USA / poster

ESBB 2013 Conference, 8-11 October, Verona, Italy / Lecture by B. Parodi.

HandsOn: Biobanks 2013, 21-22 November, The Hague, NL / 2 Posters + ‘Meet the expert’ session (L. Mabile, H.C. Howard)




HandsOn: Biobanks, Uppsala (SE) September 20-21, 2012 / poster (L. Mabile)

■ Joint Congress of ESBB and Spanish National Biobank Network,, Granada (SP) November 7-9, 2012 / poster (B. Parodi)

■ 11th EASE General Assembly and Conference “Editing in the Digital World”, Tallinn (ES) June 8-10, 2012 / poster

■ 11e Réunion francophone sur la Maladie d’Alzheimer et les syndromes apparentés, Toulouse (FR) May 22-24, 2012 / invited lecture

■ 5th Belgrade International Open Access Conference 2012, Belgrade (SER) May 18-19 / oral presentation

ISBER 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibits, Vancouver (CA) May 15-18 / invited participation to the workshop « What’s it worth: Assessing the contributions of your repository » / oral presentation




■ European, Middle Eastern & African Society for Biopreservation & Biobanking (ESBB) Inaugural Conference, Marseille (France), November 16-19, 2011 / BRIF presentation by L. Mabile: The importance of tools to follow-up the research use of biobanks in the landscape of long term funding.

■  « Réunion Inter-Cancéropôles », Marseille (FR) Nov 15-16, 2011 / invited lecture by A. Cambon-Thomsen.

■ Australian Biospecimen Network Association (ABNA) meeting in Perth (AU), 17-18 November 2011 / poster (J. Carpenter).

GEN2PHEN booth, Montreal (CA) Oct 2011 / Poster + flyers

European Summer School on Health Law and Bioethics, Toulouse (France), June 30 - July 7 2011 / poster

■ 25th European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference, Prague (Czech Republic), May 4–7, 2011 / poster (A. Cambon-Thomsen)

■ International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Annual Meeting & Exhibits, Arlington, (USA) May 15-18, 2011 / BRIF presentation by R. Hewitt

Fostering Language Resources Network (FLaReNet) Forum, Venezia (Italy), May 26-27,  2011 / BRIF presentation by A. Cambon-Thomsen

European Society of Human Genetic Conference,  Amsterdam (The Netherlands), May 28 - 31, 2011 / poster (A. Cambon-Thomsen)

International Data Sharing Conference, Oxford (UK), September 20-22, 2010 / poster 

BBMRI – Biobanking for Science  Conference, Amsterdam (NL), September 23-25, 2010 / BRIF presentation by G. Bertier




■ International Data Sharing Conference, Oxford (UK), September 20-22, 2010 / poster